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Make purchasing spirit wear and team apparel a breeze

Choose Loyaltee as the custom apparel solution for your school. With no minimums, no pre-purchasing and no liability, it’s a no-brainer!

Your custom storefront gives students, parents, and faculty the ability to buy approved custom apparel delivering orders directly to their door.  Our art experts will work with you to determine color options and styles making sure your school name and mascot is appropriately represented. 

Benefits to schools

Eliminate group orders, receiving a bulk order and sorting out to students.  With Loyaltee, you can set up one store for the entire district with dropdowns for individual schools, sports teams, clubs and more. Orders will be individually sent directly to the buyer’s home. 

Forget about bake sales, galas, and other events that take hours to plan.  Allocate a portion of sales for the Parent-Teacher Association to fund school trips, extracurricular activities and more!

Show your school spirit with the student’s name embroidered or printed directly on the school apparel.  

Purchasing bulk spirit wear orders can be dreadful and tedious.  Not with Loyaltee!  Our storefront solution puts an end to all the headaches.

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