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Looking for new ways to fund your organization in addition to monetary donations? The Loyaltee storefront solution is your answer.

Let Loyaltee create a merchandise store for your organization and choose among thousands of styles and colors.  Add your organization logo and brand message to thousands of products offered! 

Benefits to non-profits:


Choose your branding and the quantity (no minimums!).  Specify larger quantities during holidays or congregation events. 

On-Demand Production

Once an order is placed, products are shipped to our facility directly from the wholesaler, customized and delivered to the buyer’s door.  There are no minimums, no pre-purchasing and no liability!

Employee Incentives

Give the “employee of the month” a gift certificate or reward the entire team with an apparel budget. 

Whether you’re looking for your next fundraising idea or want staff to purchase approved branded apparel to wear in the office or at events, choose Loyaltee for your custom apparel needs.

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