Q: How long does it take to receive an order?

A: Once an order is placed, our systems automatically order the blank product to send to our production floor, delivering the next business day. Once received and checked in, decoration will be finished in 1 to 3 business days. 

Q: How long does your standard economy shipping take to deliver? 

A: our standard economy service is delivered by USPS and takes 1 to 6 days, depending on the delivery location. 

Q: How do customers know what correct size to order? 

A: in all of our product listings on any storefront, we provide the manufacturers recommended size chart for that specific style. We encourage all shoppers to review the size chart of a particular item they are purchasing, to confirm they are selecting the correct style

Q: Can products offered on our store allow personalization? 

A: Yes, of course! We can offer all products or a select few in a store to allow personalization. 

Q: What type of personalization can be applied? 

A: we can offer various forms of personalization from names and numbers on the back of a garment, to personalized name embroidery on the front. 

Q: How is it free to have a Loyaltee store? 

A: Loyaltee doesn’t make money unless orders are placed. We find this method to be the best arrangement as both your organization and Loyaltee have the same interests in mind, creating a successful store for your company. 

Q: we have a specific style we’ve ordered for years, but I don’t see it in your catalog, is it possible to get additional product SKUs not offered currently? 

A: In many cases, yes! Let us know the brand and item number and we will confirm availability on our end. As long as the specific style is offered through one of our one-day ship partnered wholesalers, we can offer the product. In some cases, if the style was custom, or purchased through non-traditional wholesale channels, we may not be able to offer the specific style. We’re confident if we can’t offer the exact style, we’ll provide comparable options you’re happy with. 

Q: Where are the products decorated? 

A: All orders are decorated out of our 30,000 sq ft production facility in Commerce Township, MI

Q: What do you require prior to a store going live? 

A: once all specific details are determined and our team builds the storefront. Prior to going “live”, Loyaltee requires each store to purchase one item of each decoration type, any art file being offered in the store. This allows your company the ability to walk through the entire order process from start to finish. This also allows your team to review the specific various art decorations, as a final approval process to ensure what is received, is exactly as expected. We also find that this is a great way to naturally create buzz for the upcoming store launch. When you receive beautiful decorated gear in your office, we suggest you show the various members of your team to get the momentum started early! Once you receive the products and provide your final approval, we transition the store to live status, to allow orders to start flowing in! 

Q: our organization does not want the storefront to be accessible to the general public, is that a possibility? 

A: Absolutely – just let us know during setup that you’d like for the store to be locked to the general public. We do require an excel sheet with first name, last name and email address for all staff that will have access and we will setup unique user accounts to allow them to gain access into the store. 

Q: can we assign our own unique URL to the store? 

A: yes, we can help walk you through a URL redirect that would be required to achieve this. For example, your organization would purchase or assign the unique URL required. We would redirect that URL to our assigned store URL for a seamless integration! 

Q: can we add or remove products offered in a store once it is live? 

A: Yes, at any time we can add new products or remove existing styles. We suggest adding new product styles seasonally. Ask Loyaltee about how we can help provide email campaign content to let your team know of the new styles added! 

Q: what type of decoration techniques do you offer? 

A: embroidery, direct-to-garment printing (DTG), dye sublimation, heat transfers (vinyl & print/cut), Laser cut transfers, and various finishing services 

Q: do shoppers receive any confirmations when an order is placed? 

A: absolutely! Shoppers receive an immediate order confirmation when an order is placed, to email they’ve provided. When an order is produced and shipped, they will receive an email providing tracking number. 

Q: can shoppers return or exchange items that have been purchased? 

A: we guarantee our product quality and workmanship 100%. Any defects or errors on our part will be replaced at no charge; we do not accept returns or exchanges for a shoppers selection of incorrect items, sizes, designs, spelling, etc. If shoppers have any questions while placing an order, each store has easy to toggle contact us sections where they can reach out for answers prior to placing an order. 

Q: can gift certificates be generated to be used on a storefront? 

A: Absolutely and encouraged! Companies pre-purchasing gift certificate codes or buying a la carte as needed, can contact their Loyaltee account manager with amounts and total number needed. We’ll generate and send back unique codes to be used. Want a more tangible solution? We can offer that too with physically printed gift cards, just like you’d receive at any major retailer. Contact us to learn more! 

Q: can we receive access to review historical order data? 

A: yes, we can provide an internal login and URL to our backend system. From here, you can see the current order queue, former customer and order details of purchases in the store. 

Q: what does the setup process look like? 

A: once you’ve signed up here (link to sign up), you’ll receive an email from us with next steps to get your store up and running. The email will include our interactive setup form where you can you upload any artwork files, select the products you want to be offered, determine decoration locations and general store information. Once completed and submitted, our team creates the storefront. Following storefront completion, we’ll reach out to schedule a 15 minute call to walk you through the store, along with the initial required store purchase as the final product approval prior to your stores launch. 

Q: we want to provide our employees with a budget amount for each employee to spend in the store, is this possible? 

A: yes! We will provide you with our Excel sheet format used to input employees first and last names, email address and amount to budget. We will setup each user with an individual account and temporary password. When each user logs into the store for the first time, they will be prompted to reassign a new password to the account of their choice. They can then shop whenever they want on the store with the budgeted amount associated with their specific account. Any purchases will pull from the budget amount first. Once budgeted amount is depleted, shoppers can use their personal credit card to pay at any time. This is a great way to naturally generate buzz for a new store opening, and lift up employee moral! Don’t waste company money buying a holiday gift you hope they like, just give them a budget to use on the store to buy whatever they want!