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Strengthen team unity with custom apparel

Let Loyaltee create a merchandise store for your employees with approved company apparel to wear in and out of the office.

Culture is often compromised by employees operating across multiple locations who may rarely visit other offices.  Keep moral high with fun ways to promote camaraderie among colleagues with custom branded apparel.  

Benefits to corporate organizations:

On-Demand Production

Once an order is placed, products are shipped to our facility directly from the wholesaler, customized and delivered to the buyer’s door.  With no minimums, no pre-purchasing and no liability, it’s a no-brainer!

Employee Incentives

Offer internal rewards in the form of gift certificates to the merchandise store or allocate a budget to every employee.  Welcome new employees with a swag bag.  Give sales executives a budget to purchase in bulk and use the custom apparel as gifts or giveaways at events. 

Company Conferences

It’s the perfect gift for annual sales conferences or set up a temporary storefront and have attendees choose their preferred custom company apparel.  

Select Loyaltee as your storefront solution and create a custom store filled with branded merchandise your team will be proud to wear.  

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